6  More Important Things Than Your Job And Career

We are all alike in terms of our daily routine. We wake up, and then do some regular activities every morning. This includes taking a shower, having breakfast, then we read our emails and have a look on Facebook news feed, and finally we go to work. And then? We work continuously without paying attention to the time. For instance, in the United States people work for a long time per week in comparison with other people in other countries, making it an average of 47 hours per week. So, there are some important things than our job and career.

We have become slaves of work spending all our time working without considering other important things in our life. Technology has made us easily fond of workplace in whatever time, whether we are sending emails at our home at 10 p.m, or receiving an offer together next morning, etc

In today’s working environment, it is hard for us to maintain our minds clear, almost to the point where our life become meaningless. No one will deny the importance of having a job, it does not only supply the needed resources for living and does our payments, but our job also makes us achieve a little success.

Unfortunately, this little success can influence the rest of our life in a negative way, because we do not make a balance between our careers and other life’s areas.

When you get a feeling of stress in your job, why not pause for a while and think about other things in your life rather than work, and how can you improve them. Here are six things to know that are more important than your job. When you know them, you just might dedicate that extra time this week to these important things rather than your work.

1. Family

Family comes first in this list of more important things than your job. Unfortunately, it is the first one which always suffers a lot from over working. By working too much, you are not only missing spending a good time with your family members, but you are also missing valuable gatherings, and wonderful moments of relaxing among your family.

Spending much time in work can bring negative feelings within families such as stress and anxiety. Your family members need to spend a good quality time with you rather than striving for your money. They expect from you to give them some of your time so that they feel that you care for them and give them your love and kindness. As George Moore once said: “A man travels the world over in search of what he needs, and returns home to find it.”

2. Time

Important things

Time has the greatest value in our life, it is one of the more important things than money and your career. If your whole time is dedicated to work to collect more and more money, you are wasting the most important thing in your life.

Sadly, time is something we cannot retrieve, and when our time is spent on something that doesn’t bring us happiness and enjoyment, we will feel that we have wasted something valuable. So give much of your time to your family and friends. Give much of your time to something you really love to do. Jim Rohn value time more than money when he said: “Time is more value than money. You can get more money, but you cannot get more time.” Jim Rohn

3. Mental Health

It is well known that jobs can cause stress, especially if you spend all the time in the workplace. By continue stressing yourself at work you are likely to get tired, and also you are damaging other parts of your life. You can become exhausted, angry, and if you continue working too much, you could suffer from dangerous mental issues. Spending few extra time working is less important than your mental health, so be certain that you take a moment of relaxation, and reorganize your mind. Always bear in your mind that your fortune exists in your health.

4. Physical Health

Physical health comes as one of the more important things than your career list. There is no doubt that working too much will lead you to easily ignore your physical health. This is especially if your job is related to sitting too much at a desk for a long time of the day. You stay inactive along the day, and when you finish your work, you find yourself that you have no time left for practicing any exercises that help you stay fit and physically healthy.

Our bodies are not supposed to stay inactive all the time. If you do not consider making your life full of physical activities, you may end up suffering from extra weight, or illness. It is recommended that your daily routine should include at least 30 minutes of exercise, a short walk and why not meditation that will positively affect your mind and your body as well. Jim Rohn advises us to take care of our bodies when he said: “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” Jim Roh

5. Personal Growth

Personal growth is also considered to be as one of the more important things than your job. Spending too much time thinking about how can you develop your state in job, or how can you achieve your goals will make you neglect to grow personally. It is good to think about how can you promote in your actual job, but it is also more important to set goals in different life ares and try to achieve them, and this will make your life more stable and balanced.

Despite the fact that these six things may not bring you more money and collect you a fortune, but they can make you achieve greater success in other sides of life such as your mind, body and soul. These sides are more important than your career, and they cannot be fed only if you are continuously spending all of your valuable time on work and career.

6. Passions and Hobbies

Important things

Of course, we cannot exclude passions and hobbies from our list of the more important things than your job. If you can manage your time effectively, you can do the things that bring you enjoyment. Each one of us has many hobbies and interests, and it is good to develop those hobbies constantly. Some passions can make us feel more successful than our job ever will, this is simply because in this case we are doing things that we like to do.

There is no doubt that loving your job is so good, but it would be best to having something enjoyable for us to do in parallel with our job, it adds a special touch to our life. Oprah Winfrey talked about the importance of passion when she said: “Passion is energy. Feel the power that comes from focusing on what excites you.” Oprah Winfrey

These were the six more important things more than your career and job. By deciding to devote some of your time to other areas of your life, you are really making your life more balanced, fulfilling all your needs and bringing more enjoyment to your environment. So, collecting more money is not what makes you happier because as it is said: ” money cannot buy happiness”. The true happiness comes when we spend our time with family, take care of our minds and bodies, do important things we love, and finally work on growing in all different aspects of life.

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