5 Useful Tips to Be More Productive At Work

Everyone hates that feeling when you know that you have wasted your time at work. The main question is: how to be more productive at work? Sometimes, being productive is hard. If you have that feeling that you were able to achieve much of the day, but you end the day with uncompleted tasks, you might feel sad and frustrated.

Not Being more productive at work can be resulted from many reasons. Perhaps you are not satisfied enough at work, or maybe you are feeling very tired. In most times, people cannot achieve the most of their day because either they are demotivated or they are not planning well their tasks.

Fortunately, there are a few useful tips that you can apply to be more productive at work and make the most of everyday.

1. Overcome Distractions to be More Productive at Work

Nowadays, technology has made it easy for us to get distracted. You might find yourself spending a lot if time watching a video or surfing the social media platforms without even realizing the time.

You can overcome the things that distract you by simply following a few ways. For example, if you notice that you overuse your phone throughout the day, you can simply put it somewhere far from your hands while you are working. You can also turn it off, or disable the notifications from the setting so that you can focus on what you are doing.

If you have the habit of surfing the internet at work, you can limit your access to your favorite sites by setting up website blockers. This will help you be more focused on getting your tasks done, and won’t let you waste your precious time on secondary matters.

2. Write Down Your Most Important Tasks

more productive at work

Many people don’t like the option of to-do lists. Maybe you are one of them. If so, try to write down your 3 most important tasks you have to accomplish the following morning. This will help you feel more productive at Work. Try always to make the most important tasks for you a priority. By putting your whole concentration on those 3 things and finishing them, you will see yourself as a more productive person at work. It does not matter if you didn’t accomplish other things. As long as you get the most important tasks done, you will be motivated for more accomplishments.

3. Don’t Waste Time Opening Your Inbox

Maybe you have no idea of how much time you waste on checking your email everyday. It is likely to be much time consuming. You are maybe wasting a lot of time either by following the habit of opening your inbox every few minutes or by checking it whenever a notification appears on your phone. The best thing to do is to set a specific schedule to check your email.

So, try to make specific times to check your email every day. You can set the specific times to check it. Once in the morning, once at noon, and once just before you leave your work. This will help you to be updated of the latest from your inbox, and also to not waste much time on opening your email again ana again. By following this technique, you will give yourself the chance to be more productive at work.

4. Don’t Be Afraid To Say “No!”

There are some individuals who does not find it easy to say “No”. If your work colleagues and boss discover that you are one of them, they might use it against you. You might be requested to work on their tasks, leave work late, or come in early.

Of course, accepting to work on others’ tasks won’t make you have the time to accomplish your things. Perhaps you find yourself in front of so many things to do that you feel like you are not making a progress at all. So, never be afraid to say “no”, especially if you are feeling very tired.

5. Start With the Hardest or Easiest Task to Be More Productive at Work

More productive at work

If you have a clear idea of how you will get things done before you start the work, you are likely to accomplish everything planned for that day. There are 2 strategies on how to get things done. Either to start with the hardest task or to start with the easiest one. Neither of the two is best than the other one. It only depends on what is suitable for you.

Some people prefer to start with the hardest task every day. They want to accomplish it first because they want to feel easiness while working on the next tasks of the day. This also will motivate you as you have already gotten the hardest one done. Others prefer to accomplish the easiest tasks first and gradually move to the hardest ones. This will help you if you find it hard to start working on something more complicated. The two ways are great. You have only to decide which one works better for you.

It is a great feeling when you come to the end of every day and find yourself you have accomplished all the tasks. You will feel that you are more productive at work. This will make you less stressed and motivated to do all your best the next day.

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