7 Amazing Benefits Of Matcha Tea That You Might Not Know

Matcha tea is getting more popular among most people nowadays. A lot of coffee places and restaurants have now started serving this healthy drink. In this article, we are going to see what makes this green tea so spread among many people, and what are the healthy benefits of drinking Matcha tea on the body and mind. Here are below seven main benefits of Matcha tea.

1. Matcha tea is good for your heart

According to some studies, green tea is a great way to protect yourself from heart disease and strokes. Matcha has a great nutrient profile and it is linked to decreasing the LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. Triglycerides are bad fats and they stay in your blood. When the calories that you consume are not burnt immediately, your body stores them in your fat cells and use them later when your energy drops down. If your blood has too many triglycerides, this will result in clogging your arteries. Matcha tea will protect you from getting clogged arteries and cardiovascular disease as it reduces levels of Triglycerides.

2. Matcha tea is good for your liver

A lot of studies have proven the positive impact of Matcha tea on the organs of humans. According to one of these studies, Matcha tea has reduced liver enzymes significantly when it was given daily to people with non-alcoholic fatty liver for almost 90 days. Also, Some other studies discovered that drinking green tea helps in reducing the chance of getting a liver disease.

3. Matcha tea boosts your memory

Matcha tea

Matcha contains caffeine more than any other type of tea, as a teaspoon of Matcha tea contains almost 70 mg of caffeine. A lot of studies have said that caffeine consumption can improve the brain functions. This includes increasing your focus, enhancing your reaction times and boosting your memory. It contains L-theanine that helps in preventing the energy drop down people often suffer from after taking in caffeine. This amino acid also makes your body absorbs a little quantity of caffeine which helps you to keep your energy throughout the day.

A study has made a comparison between the performance of people who consume green tea and people who took a placebo. The study discovered that those who consumed gree tea achieved better results. This includes improvements in tasks measuring basic attention abilities as well as in psychomotor response. Another study also discovered that when old people consume green tea on a daily basis, their memory improves significantly.

4. Matcha may prevent cancer

Although this has not been tested yet, Matcha may prevent cancer for the humans according to the fact that it was successful when tested on rats. Matcha tea contains a great amount of epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). This is also a kind of Catechin that fights strongly cancer cells. Numerous studies have reported that EGCG is great to fight prostate, skin, liver and lung cancer. One of the studies on rats proved that green tea extracts can stop tumor from growing and slow the breast cancer cells growth. Matcha tea is a strongly concentrated kind of tea, which means that it is plenty of green tea extracts.

5. It is high in antioxidants

Matcha is plenty of Catechins, 137 times more than normal green tea. These Cathechins work as natural antioxidants. Antioxidants are important components of our daily diets because they prevent our cell from getting damaged and also from getting sick. Antioxidants act as a protection of the body. They are chemical compounds that fight aging and chronic diseases. Simply, having more antioxidants in your body means having a strong healthy body protected from any infections and disease.

6. It contains many essential nutrients

Matcha is a low-calorie drink that contains many vitamins. This includes vitamin A which can enhance your vision, immune system, and improve the health of your reproductive system. Also, it contains vitamin C that helps the body to repair its tissue, and enjoy having strong bones and cartilage. Moreover, Matcha tea is plenty of potassium that decreases your blood pressure and prevent too many fluids from accumulation. The last ones are fibers that are important for your digestive tract because they make your stool better and help in the process of collecting main nutrients from the foods that you digested. All these great benefits make Matcha tea a great healthy option.

7. It helps you to lose weight

Matcha tea

Green tea extract is a major component in almost all weight loss supplements. This is due to the fact that green tea helps the metabolism process gets fast, and it also improves the function of your digestive tract.

According to a study, taking green tea extracts along with moderate exercise increased fat burning by 17%. Another multiple studies proved that green tea helps in losing weight and keeping a fit body. It will be a good idea to add Matcha tea to your daily healthy diet. By doing this, you will be able to get rid of those extra kilograms easily.

Matcha tea is a great drinking that contains plenty of healthy nutrients, and has plenty of health benefits. It is used in many ways as well as it is easy to combine it with other recipes. It is also a great option to boost your energy before starting your day. So, include Matcha tea to your daily diet and enjoy many health benefits.

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