7 Simple Productivity Tips to Be More Productive

The majority of us want to be more productive throughout our day. Unlucky, we always feel like we have not enough time to complete all the tasks we have to do in our day. What makes it even worse, is that sometimes we overthink about those tasks that we end up feeling more stressed. This can affect our productivity in a negative way.

Being more productive is not something easy. All people who seem to have their things done everyday, usually apply some particular rules until they build that habit of being more productive. Fortunately, all people can follow these ways. By including them into your daily routine, you can be more productive in all areas of your life.

1. Plan Your Day The Night Before

Instead of waking up and starting your day with confusion, plan your day the night before. It won’t take you much time and it can make you more comfortable when you go to bed. Also, this will not make you worried all night thinking about what you have to do the next morning, because you have already planned what tasks you have to accomplish. In addition, you will get a good quality sleep and be more energized the next day.

2. Feed Your Body Properly

Among the amazing ways to make your body and mind in a better productive state is to eat the right kind of food. Our reality today has proved the rightness of the old saying of ‘you are what you eat’. All what you are eating every day can either effect your energy, focus and reaction positively or negatively.

Always remember to start your day with healthy meal that will recharge your mind and body’s energy. You are free to prepare your own recipes, but be committed to include some ingredients such as fruits, vegetables, grains and lean proteins. Changing a little bit of your daily eating habits can bring you positive feelings and more confidence in yourself.

3. Exercise

More productive

Beside choosing the right food for your body, exercising is also a great way to take care of it. It can make you more motivated and feel more productive. You will really notice that especially if you begin the day with exercise.

Exercising has plenty of advantages, but it can be beneficial in many ways when it comes to being more productive. It makes your blood flowing which increases your concentration and makes your cognitive response better. Exercising also releases endorphin that will help you be more energetic. A good workout can enhance your productivity! Make it a daily habit, and you will feel like you are able to accomplish any task easily.

4. Repeat Positive Affirmations

It may look something weird, but saying positive affirmations can have a great impact on you, if you say to yourself that you are more productive on a daily basis, it can make you more motivated than ever before.

The best time to tell yourself some positive words is when you are feeling lazy, or when you feel like you are not accomplishing enough tasks. A few self-motivation can quickly make you enthusiastic to accomplish any task. It might need some time at first so that you get used to it, but do not hesitate to say these positive words loudly many times a day.

5. Beat Distractions

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It is better to put some limits to the things that impact your focus in a negative way. You will be easily distracted if you are working in an office, because there may be many people who try to talk to you about everything. If you prefer to work in silence to focus more, try to hang a sign of ‘do not disturb’ on the office door when it is needed.

If your phone is always with you, consider turning it off and leave it far away from you in order to focus on your tasks. Everyone has his own things that make him distracted. It is better for you to know what are yours, so that you can limit their influence on your productivity.

6. Decide to Become More Productive

Do not fool yourself by saying that you are trying to be more productive. Being productive is a decision that you have to make, and be committed to it. You have to make a decision at this moment that you will become that person. That does not need only to believe in yourself, but it also requires from you to forget any mistakes from the past.

It is not important if you were lazy one day or didn’t complete some tasks. Despite that, you can still decide to be more productive. It is better to make that decision as soon as possible, because you will find it easy to continue the progress, even when some troubles might face you.

7. Avoid The Midday Slump

A lot of people seem to be slowly in the afternoons. They become tired, less enthusiastic, or allow their thinking focus on other things. There are some ways to follow to avoid this. First, change the place where you have lunch. If your job is related to an office, go outside and eat. When you change the scenery, you will get more inspired.

It is also recommended to make some time for yourself. If you have a little of free time in the afternoon, it is better to walk for a few minutes. Or, look for anything that may recharge your energy so that you can accomplish all the tasks of the day.

Being productive has no relationship with working all the time without having breaks. If you can have a few minutes for yourself to get away and rest, you will mostly achieve more than if you work all the time without any pause.

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