The Best and Simple 10 Minute Morning Routine

How do you feel just after waking up in the bed in the morning? Do you feel fatigued and drained? Do you put off the alarm just to have a little more time of sleeping? Or do you jump out of the bed to say hello to another positive and enthusiastic day? A morning routine is very important in life.

Imagine if you had a simple routine for 10 minutes every morning that would bring you feelings of positivity, motivation, energy and no stress! In this article, I will be happy to share with you this 10 minutes morning routine. You only need just 10 minutes of your time each morning to have great benefits.

In the past, I tried many morning routines and they didn’t work for me. Of course, they gave me good results, but I always became tired by around 9 p.m. So, I decided to search for a simple morning routine that takes just 10 minutes. Now, I am happy to get up every morning knowing that I am going to feel positivity throughout all my day. Just try to practise this morning routine for two weeks and see the change in your feelings.

1. Use A Journal

Morning routine

One of the best productivity tools is using a journal. Make it a habit to start by reading your goals of the year that you have written in your journal to make you inspired. After that, write down the tasks that you are going to do that day. Finally, note any thoughts, feelings or ideas on your journal. When you start making journaling as one of your daily habit, you will notice a great positive change in your whole day.

2. Meditate and Clear Your Mind

Starting your day with meditation is a great way to clear your mind. Try to sit down and relax for just two minutes. This will help you to clear  your head of anything that might be causing you stress and anxiety, instead of rushing around your house trying to prepare to go out for your work.

Concentrating on your breath and meditating for just 2 minutes will make your body completely relax, and your mind think clearly that you will get rid of any stresses. Many people use a Tibetan singing bowl in the morning to make their mind enjoy its beautiful calming sounds.

3. Read

Morning routine

Reading is also a great way to lift your spirit. Try to take two minutes every morning to read a page from a book that you like or read some motivational quotes. Instead of picking up your phone or remote control, try to open a book and make it one of your morning habits. You can also share a beautiful quote in the morning with your friends and inspire people in your environment.

4. Say Positive Affirmations

Another amazing way to make your brain and mindset connected positively is to include saying your favorite two or three positive affirmations into your morning routine. Affirmations are a good way to boost your self-confidence. When you repeat your favorite affirmations for just two minutes, you will always remember how amazing you are and how you can be powerful to achieve whatever you are dreaming of.

5. Move and Get Your Heart Pumping

Finally, exercising for just two minutes is not less important than the previous ways. Try to do some push-ups, jumping jacks, planks, etc to make your heart pumping. Exercising will make your mood great by releasing serotonin in your brain. Making some light exercise as a part of your morning routine will make your muscles more flexible, and your mind more focused.

It will be much better if this 10 minutes morning routine is coupled with a good quality sleep the night before, a comfortable shower and a healthy breakfast. You will feel more positive about yourself and more energized throughout the day. I hope that this 10 Minute Morning Routine will work for you. Just try to follow it for a few weeks and see the great change in your feelings.

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