40 Best Joe Rogan Quotes That Will Highly Motivate You

I think that the below Joe Rogan Quotes will highly motivate and inspire you in all your life sides. Reading motivational quotes is a great way to boost your self confidence, lift your spirit and start adopting a positive mindset.

Joe Rogan is a famous comedian. He also works for MMA as an announcer. Besides that, he is a martial artist and a well known Podcast host. His podcats get so many listeners from different parts of the world. ‘The Joe Rogan Experiences’ is one of his popular podcast that has many followers.

Joe Rogan quotes reflect completely his own views generally on life and the world. These views that seem controversial in most times.

His messages are, in most times, sent to motivate people, to push them to take challeneges and to make them wisely think. Joe Rogan always wants to encourage people to develop critical thinking so that they can improve themeselves and grow.

Joe Rogan quotes are always inspirational. They explore many important subjects like the nature of consciousness, the power of thinking positively and the importance of self-awarness.

Inspirational Joe Rogan Quotes

Joe Rogan quotes

1. “Live your life like you’re the hero in your own movie.” ― Joe Rogan

2. “You can’t measure what’s inside a man’s heart.” ― Joe Rogan

3. “The universe rewards calculated risk and passion.” ― Joe Rogan

4. “Once you understand what excellence is all about…you see how excellence manifests itself in any discipline.” ― Joe Rogan

5. “Work for that feeling that you have accomplished something…Don’t waste your time on this earth without making a mark.” ― Joe Rogan

6. “There’s only one way to get good at anything; you surround yourself with the bad motherf*ckers who are doing exactly you do and you forced yourself to keep up and inspire each other.” ― Joe Rogan

7. “I realized a long time ago that instead of being jealous you can be inspired and appreciative.  It carries more energy to you. That can be an awesome and motivating force that can improve your life if you choose to be inspired and not jealous.  One has no benefit whatsoever, the other is an incredible resource for creating momentum and improvement.” ― Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan quotes to Help You Achieve Success

Joe Rogan quotes

8. “Someone else’s success does not equal a failure for you.” ― Joe Rogan

9. “There’s a never-ending ocean of techniques out there.” ― Joe Rogan

10. “Excellence in anything increases your potential in everything.” ― Joe Rogan

11. “There’s a direct correlation between positive energy and positive results in the physical form.” ― Joe Rogan

12. “Greatness and madness are next-door neighbors and they often borrow each other’s sugar.” ― Joe Rogan

13. “Life is about the pursuit of excellence.  That pursuit is probably more exciting to me now more than ever.” ― Joe Rogan  

14. “When someone comes along and expresses him or herself as freely as they think, people flock to it.  They enjoy it.” ― Joe Rogan

15. “The key to happiness doesn’t lay in numbers in a bank account but in the way we make others feel and the way they make us feel.” ― Joe Rogan

16. “Having the privilege of sitting down and having 3 hour long uninterrupted conversations with hundreds of brilliant people is an awesome perspective enhancer.” ― Joe Rogan

17. “So instead of investing your time in a passion, you’ve sold your life to work for an uncaring machine that doesn’t understand you.  That’s the problem with our society. And what’s the reward? Go home and get a big TV.” ― Joe Rogan  

Joe Rogan Quotes About to Help You Overcome Hard Times

18. “One of the most fascinating lessons I’ve absorbed about life is that the struggle is good.” ― Joe Rogan

19. “I love a success story, but even more than a success story; I like a dude who f***s his life up and gets his life together again story.” ― Joe Rogan

20. “We define ourselves far too often by our past failures.  That’s not you. You are this person right now. You’re the person who has learned from those failures.” ― Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan Ouotes About Wrestling

Joe Rogan quotes

21. “The mind is the most important thing of the big picture and no one has a stronger mindset than amateur wrestlers.”  ―  Joe Rogan  

22. “There’s a confidence and a mental toughness that comes from the very highest level of competition, whatever the sport is. Whether it’s boxing or wrestling, or whatever.” ― Joe Rogan

Joe Rogan quotes About Comedy

23. “People want their 15 minutes and are willing to do anything to get it.” ― Joe Rogan

24. “To me, comedy is a great occupation because I don’t really worry that much about what other people think of me.” ― Joe Rogan

25. “My act is so completely and totally uncensored that the only way I could really pull it off is if I treat the audience like they’re my best friends.” ― Joe Rogan

26. “The audience changes every night. You’re the same person. You have to speak your mind and do the stuff that you think is funny and makes you laugh.” ― Joe Rogan  

27. “I want to make sure that everything that I’m creating, I’m creating it so other people get enjoyment out of it. And that’s the reward that you get for that.” ― Joe Rogan  

28. “The misconception is that standup comics are always on. I don’t know any really funny comics that are annoying and constantly trying to be funny all the time.” ― Joe Rogan

29. “Not all comedy clubs or situations are ideal, especially when you’re first coming up and I think that’s good for you. Eventually, you get to express your real personality.” ― Joe Rogan

30. “Richard Pryor is, in my mind, the most honest comedian. He bared his soul to people. I think that’s why everybody loved him so much.” ― Joe Rogan 

More Joe Rogan Quotes

Joe Rogan quotes

31. “If you can control what you eat, you can control all other aspects of your life.” ― Joe Rogan

32. “I had a sense of who I was before I got famous.” ― Joe Rogan

33. “To really appreciate life you got to know you’re going to die.” ― Joe Rogan

34. “Haters are all failures. It’s 100% across the board. No one who is truly brilliant at anything is a hater.” ― Joe Rogan  

35. “Life is about the pursuit of excellence.  That pursuit is probably more exciting to me now more than ever.” ― Joe Rogan  

36. “Life is strange.  You keep moving and keep moving.  Before you know it, you look back and thing, ‘What was that?’” ― Joe Rogan

37. “The time you spend hating on someone robs you of your own time.  You are literally hating on yourself and you don’t even realize it.” ― Joe Rogan

38. “Be cool to people.  Be nice to as many people as you can.  Smile to as many people as you can, and have them smile back at you.” ― Joe Rogan

39. “What’s interesting about science is that we’re constantly discovering new things about the universe, about ourselves, about our bodies, about diseases, about the possibilities of the future. It’s amazing. Science is one of the coolest things about being a human being – without a doubt.” ― Joe Rogan  

40. “I think that one of the reasons why people look towards the end of humanity is that people are afraid to die alone.  If you die alone, the people you love will miss you, or if they die, you miss them – the sorrow is inevitable. When you truly love someone, the thought of losing them forever is horrible.” ― Joe Rogan

Final Thoughts About Joe Rogan Quotes

The true happiness is not the quantity of money we collect. But, it is the way we treat others and how we impact them and vise versa.

Instead of wasting our time complaining, it is better to spend that time planning and working on our goals and dreams. We have to remember that failure is what lead us to success by knowing our mistakes and learn from them.

The attitude plays an important role in deciding the type of life we want. We have to always have a positive attitude as it will make our life better and it can also influence the people around us in a great way.

If we are looking for self-improvement, we have to make our circle includes only those who can inspire us and inspire them in return.

Everyone in this life faces troubles at certain times in their life. This is something normal. It is our duty to try to do our best afforts to solve any problem instead of staying without taking any action about them.

I hope that you really enjoyed these motivational Joe Rogan Quotes while you were reading them.

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