How To Move On After a Relationship With A Narcissist

A relationship with a narcissist can, in most times, make you suffer a lot. It is a non-stop of negative feelings such as pain, abuse, and loneliness. You may have been patient with this negative relationship until you arrived at the idea of putting an end to all this suffering so that you could finally be completely free.

Ending that bad relationship was probably one of the best decision you have taken in your life for your psychological and mental health! Despite the fact that you may not realize this at this moment, you will find it easy later as the time moves on. First, you have to only focus on looking after yourself and get healed. You may find it a little hard to concentrate on yourself at the beginning because you were giving all your time and energy to please your narcissist partner. But, you can follow the below tips that will surely help you to be capable of healing, getting back your self-confidence and moving on with your life easily.

1. Accept the Truth and Move On

Your narcissistic partner may have causing you a lot of pain for a long time. But, you have been always refusing to accept that fact while you still had a relationship with them. But, when the relationship with a narcissist ended, you should admit that truth. Accept that it was true that you have been in a relationship with a toxic person. Yes, it may seem difficult to you at first, and in most times, it can make people feel like they were so wrong for letting such negative feelings last for a long time.

So, it is better for you to get healed by forgiving yourself. You have made no mistake when you kept that relationship with a narcissist individual. You have just been valuing that relationship and maybe you were having a wrong impression about your partner. Do not punish yourself for the negative feelings that you were having because of that toxic person, and do not feel guilty for keeping that bad relationship. Forgiving yourself will help you to move on and get back to live your life with a smile on your face.

2. Set Necessary Limits After a Relationship With a Narcissist

Putting an end to a relationship with a narcissist was the first thing towards getting back your smile. But you may be tempted to let them be with you again in somehow. If you do that, you will be giving them another chance to cause you more pain and more troubles.

It may not be easy at the beginning, but it is necessary to set limits when your ex-partner tries to communicate with you. It will be even better to not allow them to call you, send you messages, etc by blocking them from your social media accounts. Also, you can get rid of all things that still make you remember them so that you can forget them as soon as possible. Ending that relationship quickly and forever is not something easy, especially if you stayed with a narcissistic for many years. But, it is the best timing to start getting healed.

3. Change Your Focus

Relationship with a narcissist

Each one of us finds it hard to forget negative experiences from the past. This is always even harder especially when it is about relationships. But, when you completely heal from all the pain, redirecting your focus and starting to practise mindfulness will help you a lot mentally and emotionally. Start concentrating on the present and the future, and notice how you you will feel more positive about yourself.

Start setting goals for your life, and work to achieve them. They will inspire you to think positively about your future. They will also make you more exciting to the point you will be just focusing on them and not something else from the past. Also, having goals and dreams will help you live your present moment and look forward to a bright future full of prosperity and happiness.

4. Listen to Your Inner Voice

You might be having a main reason why you had a relationship with a narcissist individual. And maybe that same reason which made you still having that relationship with them for a long time. Understanding what you think of and what you feel can help you find out what is that reason. Remember that self-understanding differs from self-blaming. Do not stop listening to what exists within. Try to notice if there’s any positive change on how you feel now, after you have put an end to a relationship with a narcissistic. Just believe in your intuition, and you will find many answers.

5. Be Patient With Yourself After a Relationship With a Narcissist

Relationship with a narcissist

To be patient with yourself is probably one of the most important thing after breaking up relationship with a narcissist person. It is true that you may feel sad from time to another when remembering that relationship. It is also true that you may find it hard to heal quickly, and that you want to get rid of those negative effects caused by your partner.

Each one has his own way to deal with the results of ending a relationship. When you were with someone who used to abuse you emotionally all the time, it is not even easier to deal with that big trauma. Be gentle to yourself, and always speak with yourself in a positive way. This is also a kind of forgiving yourself. But, being also kind to your feelings is very important if you like to take control over your life once again.

Always remember that even if you relapse once, that won’t make you go back to where you started. There is no specific deadline you have to respect it while you are healing yourself. It does not matter how much time you have to take as long as you are trying and doing your best to heal your soul. Fortunately, some of this article’s tips will help you to quickly forget the negative experiences you have lived with your narcissist ex-partner.

Bear in mind that this is best timing to retrieve complete control of your life. Despite that you may find it slow at first, you will feel much better when you are totally free, and when you have overcame the trauma after ending a relationship with a narcissist person.

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