6 Important Tips To Be More Active Every Day

Hello everyone! In this article, we are going to see some useful tips on how to be more active.

Do you always feel tired just after waking up in the morning? Do you find yourself you want to go back to bed for more hours? Do you feel like you have no energy in most times? 38% of Americans said that they were having bad quality sleep for more than 4 days a week according to a survey by YouGov. More than 1 million Americans feel constantly tired according to the Centres for Disease Control Prevention. So, do not be afraid if you are always feeling fatigued, because you are not the only one in that.

If you are tired in most times, the first thing you can do is to is to notice that, the second thing is to make a move. Fatigue and bad quality sleep can make you low energized, less focused, having a weak immune system, poor mentally healthy, having a damaged skin. Fortunately, there are some useful tips that can help you overcome your constant fatigue, be more active and boost your energy levels to get the most of your everyday.

1. Have A Healthy Diet to Be More Active

Providing your body with a healthy diet is a an important way to make your energy levels boosted. Eating regularly is one of the main reasons behind fighting fatigue. This plays an important role in maintaining your blood sugar levels stable as longer times as possible. You may feel energized after eating a snack, but it won’t last for a long time because the increased blood sugar levels will decrease after a short period of time and this will just make you more fatigued. It is better to have all your meals which should be plenty of slow burning starches like rice, oats, pasta, breakfast cereals and wholegrain breeds to make your energy released gradually and slowly.

2. Drink More Water

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75% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration which is one of the main reasons of being always fatigued. Water is so important for the body and only a 1% lack of water can impact your body systems negatively. It will make you you feel exhausted and easily stressed. By drinking sufficient quantity of water on a daily basis, your body will be always hydrated which will result in making you more concentrated, and then more active.

Make it a morning habit to start your day with a refreshing glass of water. Try to carry a bottle of water wherever you go so that you can drink water as many times as you can. Try also to drink water even if you are not thirsty. Make it a habit to drink water along your day and you will always feel active even in the mid day. Remember that you the more you are active, the more you have to drink water.

3. Exercise And Be More Active

You can gain many benefits from exercising and practising more movements. You will not only positively change in terms of appearance and feelings, but you will also become more energized, more active and less stressed, because when you exercise, endorphin is released in your brain. So, why not doing some exercise for just a few minutes each day if you suffer from tiredness.

Try to build some daily healthy habits that you like so that you can enjoy doing them and also keeping them easily. It is also better to get some advice from the professionals before committing to any exercise program.

4. Get Enough Sleep

Try to build the beneficial habit of going to sleep at the same time each nigh. Start going to sleep earlier until you reach the suitable sleep time, so that you give your body and mind the needed rest. Your body gets used to something regular, and your sleeping habits are one of them.

Make it a habit to avoid watching TV and using your mobile phone just before you go to sleep. Try to make the lights in your bedroom dimmed. You should not sleep when you are feeling asleep while you still on the couch. It is better to go to your bed a little earlier every night and you will see how it is great for you to feel more active the following morning.

5. Write Down Your Thoughts

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Sometimes, having some thoughts in your head can bother you and then prevent you from falling asleep. Journaling will help you to defeat this trouble. Try to build the habit of writing down your thoughts on a paper. This will help you stop thinking and analyzing too much. Using a journal to write down your thoughts is an amazing way to think clearly, to plan what you are going to do and to be more active.

6. Stop Over Using Electronic Devices

Your electronic devices could be dangerous for your overall health if you over use them. These devices emit a blue light which is not good for your eyes health. Also it does not allow you to fall asleep naturally. So, it is better to stop using your devices at least one hour before you go to bed. If have the habit of reading just before sleeping, it is better to read from a real book rather than reading from an electronic device.

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