6 Signs Of A Strong Friendship Relationship

A strong friendship relationship is something amazing in life. Having someone who supports you and be with you at any circumstances can totally impact the way you think and feel in a positive way. Unfortunately, the majority of us today concentrate on having more and more friends.

There is something worse than that, which is having more acquaintances to communicate with via social media. But, having a true and nice friend is something special and unique, and nothing can replace its value.

Are you already thinking about someone in your life who might be your true friend? Or, are you asking yourself if there’s really a strong friendship that relates you with someone you know?

While every relationship of friendship is not like the other ones, there are some commons signs of a real and strong friendship. Here are below 6 signs that will confirm you that you have a strong friendship.

1. You Respect Each Other

Sometimes, there is a clash between even the best friends, and that’s something normal. Your personality and your friend’s personality might seem alike, but this does not mean you are the same 100%.

But, if there’s an exchange of respect between you and them even in times of disagreement, your friendship will stay stronger. When someone is respectful to you even if they are mad at you, it simply means that they appreciate friendship with you more than anything else.

2. You Always Communicate

When everything in your life is good, it is likely to communicate with your friends. A healthy strong friendship is consisted of laughing together, having conversations, and telling each other stories.

But, a strong friendship relationship is more than that. It does not prevent you from contacting with that friend in whatever situation. That means letting them know about your troubles or anything that might be bothering you.

Communication is very essential, especially at hard times, because it will give you the opportunity to have a trusted relationship. By facing hard situations together, you will become both of you stronger friends.

3. You Know You Are Equals

Strong friendship

The majority of us had at least one person in our life who consider himself being better than the rest of others.

Equality is an important component of a strong friendship. You and your friend have to always be both of you in the same status no matter how your backgrounds or identity are different. If you don’t mind any differences and don’t care about social status, you can surely be certain that you have a beautiful friendship.

4. You can be Yourself

Do you ever feel like you are obliged to change something in you just to please others? Or, do you feel afraid to show your true personality when you are among others?

When you have a strong friendship relationship, you act as you really are. If you have someone who is closer to you and who truly loves you for being yourself, keep that friendship tightly! Unfortunately, the majority of people spend their time acting as if they are someone else either in real life or on social meadia. If someone really likes you, he accepts you as you are.

Being yourself means that you are honest, and this leads to make your friendship stronger. To be honest is the first thing that makes a friendship based on trust. Being truthful about your feelings and thoughts is important. If your friend react positively on that truth, you can being sure that your relationship is safe from anything.

5. You Respect Each Other Boundaries

Strong friendship

Of course a strong friendship is something great. But that does not mean that two people can be together all the time. A true friend will remember that and do not across your boundaries. Your friends might be facing something that they don’t want share it yet with others. If you are respectful to their boundaries, it reveals them that you have complete faith in your friendship.

The majority of people consider the word “boundaries” as something negative. But, boundaries are positive in some cases like having a strong friendship. Having a friend in your life who do not cross those boundaries, knows what the things that keep the strength of a friendly relationship.

6. You Have Fun Together

Of course, a true friend should support you during times of hardship, but you should also share the moments of joy and fun! Another time, ask yourself if you have someone who makes you joyful. Is there any person who bring the happiness to you when you are together? Do you just smile when you start thinking about your friendship with him?

Enjoyment should be included into a strong friendship. You should feel yourself laughing more and more, and comfortable with the company of each other. When you like to have a new adventure or go on a vacation, you find yourself thinking about that person, this is because you know that you will enjoy spending time with them.

Having a strong relationship with friends no matter how many of them will bring much better things in your life. Think about your friendships now. Is there anyone who has these principles? If yes, make your efforts to keep that strong relationship.

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